10 Facts You Didn’t Know about Marketing and Advertising

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10 Facts You Didn’t Know about Marketing and Advertising

The world of marketing and advertising is a fascinating one for outsiders and not only. You may have been working in an advertising agency for example and never have heard some of the most interesting facts in the history of brands. Below you will find ten facts you didn’t know about marketing and advertising.

The legendary Marlboro Man ads were first released in 1955 and they initially featured several masculine figures, including captains, gunsmiths, and athletes, but the image of the rugged cowboy proved to be the public’s favourite and thus the most marketable of them. However, the legend of the cowboy was later tainted by the death of no less than three men who appeared in the ad, all of whom passed away because of lung cancer. This is the reason for which the brand became to be referred to as the “Cowboy Killer”.

One of the most efficient techniques used by advertising agencies is called “affective conditioning”. This means placing the product next to other things in order for the consumers to feel positive about it. Thus, a detergent may be featured in juxtaposition with flowers, babies, or sunshine. By repeatedly seeing the brand associated with positive elements, the consumers are more likely to feel good about the detergent as well.

Studies have shown that women’s magazines are more prone to promote weight loss than men magazines do. In fact, more than 75% of women’s magazine covers feature at least one article related to changing one’s body through dieting or cosmetic surgery.
Working in an advertising agency may sometimes be similar to working in a salon. This is especially true with food advertisement, where food stylists may paint a chicken golden brown in order to make it look perfect and sew its skin to appear tight.

The child actors in ads intended for children are often older than the target audience. This contributes to the idea of offering kids role models and makes them wish to be like the kids they see in ads.

If you think that using sex in advertising to increase sales is a modern invention, you are in the wrong. Pictures of naked women actually appeared in tobacco ads released in the 1800s.

The first “event marketing” in history took place in 1984 and it had a lasting impact in the advertising industry. The event was the launch of the Apple Macintosh computer in 1984 during the Super Bowl and the promotion got almost the same coverage as the product itself.

Advertising is one of the few sectors that produce impressive amounts of money out of nothing and without actually producing something physical. Selling ideas is a concept that revolutionized the business industry in the 20th century.

The average American kid watches more 100 ads a day, which totals a whopping total of 40,000 per year.

The largest numbers of ads that can be seen on TV are for food and alcohol products.

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