The Greatest Enemy of Creativity

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The Greatest Enemy of Creativity

At our digital agency, the GenerateSale team often have debates on creativity as we bring into existence creative designs and marketing strategies every day of our working week. Some of you will be heading towards careers within creative environments in either a marketing or advertising or some other media orientated hub, so we thought we’d look a little deeper into what affects creativity.

I discovered creativity has quite a few enemies as ideas emerge from little thoughts waiting to link up with the big picture. Obstacles can prevent this creative process. As our creative director explained to deliver creative designs he has to have a completely open mind that absorbs and plays with ideas and thoughts from others. Bouncing ideas often results in something unique and special compared to practical, convenient or appropriate. A closed mind is the worst enemy of creativity, but there are many others like conformity, perfection, being pragmatic, apathy, or being too sensible.

Creativity arrives from those with curiosity, dreams, enthusiasm, motivation, being fearless of trying something new and the influence from fellow creative minds. Just think of all those people in the world living in their daily routines, never trying something new, without dreams or exciting plans for the future! How would you rather be? I would rather open my mind instead of just seeing things for what they are and accepting it. As Pablo Picasso quoted “Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.” Never underestimate how much power your mind has.

Those of you who do not ask enough questions are not allowing your mind to have the full potential of creative thoughts. It’s healthy to question something as it shows you are thinking about it in another aspect. Ignorance is not bliss as they say; it is a huge threat to creativity. Even if it is a subject you are not interested in, someday you’ll remember something from it, and who knows it may be something quite genius.

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